Rachael Underwood
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Early Years Training for Practitioners and Parents


Building positive relationships is key to working well with young children. As a trainer and facilitator I do my utmost to share information in an empowering and thoughtful way.

As a qualified Early Years Teacher I work with young children in educational and care settings. I have over 30 years of experience to share.

I am a trained Early Years Trainer and have been an Associate Trainer with the National Children's Bureau and have worked as an Early Years Consultant with the Aga Khan Development Network.

Working with the HighScope Educational Research Foundation I trained both Early Years Professionals and Trainers. At HighScope I worked with Behavioural Consultant Betsy Evans developing the HighScope problem solving steps for conflict resolution. These steps are increasingly being used in early years settings as an approach to turn conflicts into rich learning opportunites for children and adults alike.

In collaboration with Local Education Authorities I have delivered training workshops for professionals.

Working together with individual schools, pre-schools and nurseries I have delivered workshops, courses and presentations for parents involved with their setting. 
I provide training in early years development for professionals and parents. I trained with Caroline Penny and Deidre Dowling at the Lantern Centre to deliver the Understanding Children course for parents. My particular areas of expertise are in communication, children's behaviour and the emotional development of young children.

I am grateful to all the parents, children and professionals I have learned so much from over the years.